Some very stylish couture glamour from India.. bring on our tour there in November! I can't wait!

Our tour departs 18 November  3 December 
Rajasthan & Goa
and we've selected Heritage Hotels.. 
Travelling into the desert state of Rajasthan, we will discover a region overflowing with an embarrassment of riches. It is perhaps the most dazzling states of all - the land of the Kings’- ablaze with color everywhere you look. From saris, to turbans to forts and palaces to spices and food. The men wear their distinctive moustaches and turbans with great pride – women are swathed in vividly coloured saris and adorned with dazzling jewellery.
The lehengas however remained monumentally opulent and by way of sheer size and embellishment—heavy to say the least. 
I'm excited! 


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