Are you a traveller with a camera, or do you simply record the moment with your phone?
Do you take a hat when you travel, and regret taking it forever more.. 
or do you wish you'd brought it with?
Do you only take carry on luggage, 
or are you a girl that takes the whole wardrobe with when you travel?
Are you a 'jeans' and jumper traveler, or do you frok up and take the bling as well?

Do you take sneakers with and only wear them?.. 
How many pairs of shoes do you take with?
Do you look like a tourist when you travel?
Do you haggle over every thing you buy, or do you pay what is asked first time?

Speaking of travelling, 
I like to. if possible, after a journey, 
I purchase a special perfume that makes me remember that journey
Every time thereafter when I use it, I'm transported back to that destination..
aah.. India. Morocco, Paris, Crete, Myanmar, .. Shanghai 
Oh I do love travelling


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