When all else fails.. get your rain poncho on!

Sydney, well, actually the whole of the Eastern Coast of Australia, this meaning, from the top part of Queensland, where the stunning sunny beaches, always are.. right down to the icy winds that break the lapping waves off of Tasmania.. 

we've been rocked by rain this past week - end! 
What to wear if the weather turns foul?

This fabulous image sets things straight for me! 
Who cares what her hair looks like.. she's gorgeous! 
In our suburb we had over 420 mm over the past weekend.. that's some rain I can tell you.!
The trees got a through rinsing off! 

My mother always knew best! She remains a fabulous dresser, even at 89, always well turned out, and smart!  I think we should revert to 'smart' in our dress code! Not just for those special occasions, like a wedding, or a funeral! 

Or when the weather is perfect! 
Think what your mother's mother would have done? 

She would have pulled a gorgeous raincoat out of her wardrobe, 
wrapped her hair up in a very stylish hat.. and looked like a million dollars! 

So.. even if you're a modern miss.. who loves sneakers  
Be stylish - this outfit is so me! 
I love the black tight pants, and that white shirt! 
Sigh.. and this super jacket! Even with shorts, it rocks! 
I'm going to India, Rajasthan in November.. must look out for a jacket like this! 
Here's some more great this season dressing tips!

So.. don't worry about the weather! 
The above advice comes from  this fantastic 'wet weather read!'
I am a subscriber.. some things.. I just cannot do without! 


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