Shoulders?.. who shows them?

This very pretty color combination off the shoulder blouse caught my eye today.
I adore coral, like you're all aware, by now I'm sure.
The off the shoulder blouse is the one making a come back! 
They especially work with a fuller figure around the middle because they hide what we don’t wish to see and draw focus to the shoulders and the legs. Clever really. Wearing the off the shoulder style is about the right shape worn the best way.The blouse needs to be the right length the right length; I like mine to fall below the waistband and somewhere near the top of my legs. The hemline needs to be free, not gathered. The neckline is prettier if worn slightly on the shoulder and not right off; that depends on preference but if the neckline is versatile it helps. A larger bust looks less with the neckline lower; a smaller one is better with the neckline slightly higher. Whatever is worn with the off the shoulder should be slim fitting; my preference is jeans or Capri pants. 
The slim leg in contrast with a more voluminous top is very flattering
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Take two off the shoulder wear...

I photographed this lady in #Bagan, #Myanamar - 
She was sitting in that little enamel basin having a bath dressed like she is in the photograph. 
Deep in thought
Mind occupied with many issues, that I couldn't share or understand..
Her life is so very different 
And yet, the same as anyone else

Children, food, clothing, washing, cooking, cleaning, husband and shoulders! 

Totally unaware of her natural beauty and so unaffected. 

She has four children who quickly ran out to meet us .. 

#Myanmar totally crept into my heart with her unaffected natural beauty
It taught me a valuable lesson
Stop complaining! 
Be content!
Be grateful!
Be happy! 

I can't wait to return here 20 - 30 April 2017 


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