I'm needing .. green in my life.. right now.. I've just realised

We're in winter in Sydney right now.. things around me are dry and dormant.. 
Leaves have been shed and things just look the same, day after day..

I take time today to #reflect, #relook, #regain, #renew, #regroup and #reconnect with 

These magnificent oak trees are in a park opposite where we live.. 
these pics were taken in February, during 'summer in Sydney'

an idyllic time.. when the seas beckon, and the sea sand is warm..

St Ives Village Green is what it's called.. and I can now see why! 

These images were taken back in February, at the height of summer

Green is good for one's soul.. its soothes, and heals, its adds life and promises fresh growth. 

Green grass and green trees are the perfect spot for my two poppets to enjoy great freedom of being child. 
It also gives up the perfect spot to enjoy a gingerbread men biscuit and an iced tea picnic 

one, two, three, coming ready or not! 

It's more fun counting, than looking sometimes, though

Even the moss on the tree truck is attractive to my eyes.. full of life
Then autumn appears.. quite suddenly

and all things turn brown.. 

So, today,.. I'm on a mission.. to buy, cut, borrow, clip, bowls and bowls of green for my house.. watch this space for updates tomorrow.. 

In the meanwhile.. 
Reflect on these green pics.. its good for your eyes.. 
something to be said about the green of a golf course.. 

and the green tea leave slopes of Sri Lanka 

#glamgirlsluxtravels to warm, green spots soon! 


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