Glam up.. just go for it! Even if its just going for a coffee!

I hadn't realized quite so long had passed since I'd previously written on my new blog. My previous blog went AWOL - I couldn't access it - !!! - those blessed passwords that one has to remember!

But, what's passed is passed! - and it stays in the past! 

So.. where is this blog going Jean?

Well, when I started it, it was going to be a blog for those Glam Girls that like to Travel! 

Now updating my thoughts.. because clearly I've not much to say, seeing's the last post was in November 2015! 

My passions are still true to form - they haven't changed (at all).
They are still getting out there discovering new places! 

This is beyond experience to me! 

It provides me growth, and amazing stimulation. 

Getting away gives me space and time to think of 'me' only! 

Getting out there alone, is good for the soul. Being alone is even better! 

My mantra is #relax, #recover, #reflect, #renew, #regroup, and #regrow

and after a journey, this is echo'd to all I meet!
They say.. 'gosh Jean, you're looking well.. you been away again?'

I now think that even if 'away' means removing yourself from your present situation, 
going for a coffee at your local spot, going to do some retail shopping, 
removing yourself from your 'now'..

This is good for you!  

so dear faithful blog followers, of mine..

I'm back! Watch this space!

In the meanwhile.. if you're planning a Glam journey, even if its just to have a coffee..
Make the best of this moment! 

Glam up and go for it! 
Stay dry.. we've got the aftermaths of a huge storm to clean up today here in 
Sydney and the Gold Coast


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  2. I have just found your blog Jean (via LinkedIn, who knew it could be useful?) I will love to travel again, and I'll try to remember the lippie, I promise. Less work work work, more fun fun fun!

    1. Thanks for finding me Tricia.. indeed.. what a wonderful world we live in! This connectivity world of insta/blog/fb/linkedin/ etc has brought me in touch with so many very lovely souls.. thank you for being one of them x


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