Do you get carried away with shopping when you're on holiday?

The joys of #travel and #memories live on through our purchases we do.. 

Do you purchase more bangles than you have arms to wear? These came from Bhutan and I loved them there.. I hardly wear them now! 

Are you tempted with more blue and white than you'll ever have opportunity to use?

Do you get tempted with different jewellery, buy it, never to wear it once home again?
Here I am in Sapa, Vietnam, and the neck hanger came from a local market we visited. 

The very friendly ladies I bought my necklace from.. (one of three above)

I always buy silk lanters from Hoi An whenever I visit.. 
They look so stunning tied to my outdoors umbrella.. and they remind me of beautiful Hoi An.

Do you just 'have' to purchase another shopper to bring your excess home?

Have you ever bought anything you were sorry, when traveling with a group?
I know after one trip to India, I wore a Sari to a friends' daughters wedding, on my return! 
Wonder what she thought of me! 

Did you ever bring anything so big it had to go 'oversized' baggage?
This magnificient basket was purchased in Bhutan from this man .. he was on the way to the market with x 3.. I  paid $10 and his smile couldn't get any bigger.. 

My palm tree loves it as well! 


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